Healthy Habits 1

Creating healthy habits will lead you to success.

Brian Tracy — and many others — speak the truth. But hey, it´s very easy to just copy his words and throw them around in the internet! What am I really doing to move towards success and a better life other than writing about it?

Most of November and December I have been listening to Brians seminars daily. Ever since Brain Tracy started to appear in my life 2 years ago, my circumstances improved drastically. Im earning much more, I have higher self esteem, I find it easier to get along with people and I try to encourage those around me. And I feel more positive than ever.

The best change I find though is that I was able to detect faulty habits and that I am gradually changing them. I have understood the power of habit:

You can´t be wrong with this book: “Charles Duhigg: The power of habit”

Now lets check: which habits did I introduce lately? Since November 2017 I introduced 3 new habits:

Healthy habit 1: more exercise

It is so simple! I started to walk to the train station — where I need to catch a train to work. So instead of freezing my feet off at the bus station, having to cope with screaming children, loud teenagers and grumpy old men in the bus, I just go by foot. That fills my lungs with air and even brings me good mood. I already felt much better and fitter after just one single week. Not enough, now I´m simply walking everywhere in town whenever I can.

That ridiculously simple switch brings me a good 40 minutes of additional exercise on a workday and more on weekends as I tend to walk even further places. This is on top of all the other activities I do, and really, don´t you have to admit that it´s just so simple? And easy. You only need one ingredient: The D word. Discipline. After a while this becomes automatic, as Charles Duhigg explains in his book. Honestly, that is worth reading.

That one is interesting: One simple step is multiplying itself: Using the elevator at work too is automatically getting rarer and rarer. And I often spend my breaks going for a short 15 minute walk.

Healthy habit 2: Stop sugar

One month before Christmas I did what most people would consider crazy: I went sugar-free. That was a hard thing to do while surrounded by sweets, cakes and chocolates all day long in the office or in every shop. My workmates kept eating sweets and put on weight while I was munching my dry fruit and eating my salad at lunch. And staying fit from all the exercise.

The simple step was replacing anything containing sugar by something that is naturally sweet — like a banana or dried fruit. Seems easy but the hard part came later: In the supermarket, at the office party at the birthday party, everywhere you go there is sugar readily available now. I made it as easy for me as possible: all sugar was eradicated at home: out of sight — out of mind.

What really helped me sticking to the plan was that step: I made it public and published everything on my german recipe blog. That way I had no excuses, it was public and everybody around me knew it. I would not give in. And I followed it through with amazing benefits.

I had done this before and the outcome and benefit I gained from this month was so positive, that I am now creating a 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge Program for everyone.

Healthy habit 3: Reading more

Healthy habit number 3 brings you to the top, according to Warren Buffet, Brian Tracy, Toni Robbins and all of them together.

I finally understood what that meant when — in one interview — one speaker said:

“Why do all large villas and mansions have their own libraries?”

To put all the books it took the owner to accumulate the wealth to own the bloody castle! Ah, now I get it. So, keep reading Tanja. And keep investing into yourself. My most recent habit is an old one, I just returned to it again.

I think reading is the easiest thing one can do to accumulate wealth, knowledge and grow. We are increasing our wealth, our ability to earn more only by learning more. And that is only possible by investing into ourself. Reading is a simple activity: it does not cost much and nowadays one can read anywhere with our Iphones and Ipads.

For January 2018 the plan is to read 30–60mins a day in my field. Brian´s best tipp I would say: With compounding over time this gives you up to 1 book a week and a university degree in a few years. Wow yes! Do a little bit at at time. Even if it means you will have to get up earlier in the morning or stay up later at night.

How to get there? The D-Word Tanja, stick to it!