More is more: 1 and 1 equals 3

Less is less and more is more.

What are you talking about?

Going back to my earlier post about healthy habits we can state one thing:

Every single — and ever so small — new and stable habit brought plenty of more beneficial things:

  • Walking in the morning made me more alert, more fit and helped me working more concentrated throughout the day.
  • Quitting sugar again helped me to improve my health and fitness, my sleep patterns, my skin and also brought me a bunch of ideas on how to help others: writing a book, blogging, organising a 30 day sugar free challenge for others, product ideas, etc..
  • Reading more books is, has been and always will be like a catalyser for a wide range of things: Knowledge will bring more wealth, vibration of a different energy, connection to other people and like-minded groups, and of course even more books to read.

My current challenge for 2018 concerning reading is that one:

I 2018 I will read all the books about money and financial freedom I can. I will talk about the books and how my life improves and how my financial situation improves in my new blog here.

Thanks for the picture

So back to the topic: along with a healthy habit came and will come more improvements.

Writing just one single blogpost a week brought me to writing multiple ones a week plus reading up to several books a week. I now have more blogs and more Medium posts plus I am building yet another blog.

Since I started to listen to Brian Tracy and Toni Robbins´podcasts, my salary doubled. My life and my relationships improved, my work quality improved and my attitude towards life in general changed. All by just listening to stuff!

Starting your healthy habits means = improving your life in general. In ways that you cannot imagine.

Think of this example: If more attracts more, then what will happen if you save 100 EUR every month and put it into a separate bank account. Every month, you will automatically transfer 100 EUR from your salary. After one year how much will you have on the account?

I bet you will have more than 1200 EUR after 12 months. Because like attracts like and more money attracts even more. It´s very likely that you will save even more money because you will earn more, or also manage to save more. I am currently trying this with my savings account and it works: In this season I will have saved the maximum I ever have saved in the shortest amount of time. How cool is that?

The outcome will be far more than the actual goal perceived originally because you will accumulate even more benefits along the way.

The same goes the other way: less shrinks to less.

  • The more I skip my daily work-out the worse I will feel. The more time I will spend on my couch, the more time and money I will invest in unhealthy habits. The more craving I will have for chocolate, sweets, alcohol, etc. Then whats next? Your beer belly brings long more unwanted “benefits” of the negative spiral.
  • The more I think about my stupid boss, the more energy I feed him and the more space he will get in my life. Not long before I keep thinking of him in the evenings and on the weekends and get miserable.
No, thank you! I´d rather go the other way!

So, what is your new and healthy habit for 2018?? Let us know.

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