Were a gaggle of open-minded persons seeking to offer services that we understand other like-minded persons will enjoy. As a result, many Jamaican’s and visitors to our beautiful island choose discreetjamaica.com as his or her number one provider of top quality adult toys and services. We are dedicated to serving our clients inside a most private, confidential and professional manner.


Seeing that we now have perfected the offering of sex toys, we now have created new services namely Discreet Adult Playground and Discreet Bedroom TV. This is achieved in order to match the ever growing needs of our subscriber base because they ask for the best medium for porn in the island.

We’re pumped up about the improved activity on our website. It’s clear that our customers are spreading the word and then for that we are truly grateful. All of us trust that we’ll always meet your demands while welcoming suggestions concerning how we may better serve you.


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