Brain Strain
Silvia Killingsworth

If Adderall is prone to making an article ramble a bit, I have to ask if the author partook?

Jena W is right, too. The drugs aren’t all the same, not by any means. A good strong coffee is social currency, but cocaine, which has a similar effect, is, in the main, not. Other drugs fall some place in-between.

There’s an interesting article on how the Third Riech was able to perform the initial Blitzkrieg attack, and indeed boosted many soldiers through many nights as they neared defeat, including Hitler himself. Eventually he was on crack cocaine!

Society needs to address drugs, and actual harm evaluation needs to be performed. Otherwise you end up with the ludicrous actions of the UK government, which has passed a law banning *all* substances with a psychoactive effect. (And yes they literally had to exclude food, drink & caffeine!) Meanwhile, MDMA is in the most restrictive category, despite incidences of death from use are well below 1 in a million uses!

Perhaps, of course, it is the subject of drugs that causes the topics to wander, as the breadth of the topic is both global and individual, and spans human history. So I happily forgive the author for any mind wanderings in this fine article.

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