The Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule: Why You Need To Learn 1 Hour Per Day Just To Stay Relevant
Michael Simmons

Interesting hypothesis, but it isn’t quite true. The periodic table, for instance, has been extended from 106 to 118 elements, but that doesn’t change what you know about iron or sulfur, nor their positions!

The “fact” of how many elements there are is all that changed, and that’s easily fixed. The majority of the facts *about* those elements remain the same.

Likewise, once you can code in any modern language, you are fine for any other language within a short time — the paradigm doesn’t change, only the mechanism. Plus, those support mechanisms get better — it takes less time to learn things now, and barriers to entry are impressively low for things that were literally technically impossible 10 years ago.

I agree things get outdated, I just think it’s slower in most fields than you argue.

Of course, facts like “faster runner”, “best diver”, etc change nearly every year, so we have to be careful.

Learn methods, not facts, might be the answer —i f you know how to do something you can get the right answer, rather than just getting it “off the shelf” of your memory?

Anyway, good article. I’ll remember it well. Until it gets replaced by new research, of course.