Trump is no R, Sanders is no D: RIP American political party

Truly, I hope that the Democrats realise they have to select Sanders. Clinton cannot win, and that means Trump will. And that’s, frankly, a future that is clouded for me — you can’t predict what Trump will do even mid-sentence.

I fear that they won’t, for the reasons you elucidate above — Sanders isn’t one of them, & that may mean more to them than the fate of the world’s declining but only current superpower.

If Trump gets in, do the Democrats not realise they’ll have let it happen? And that, folks, will be the end of them — Trump has made it clear what he’ll do to outsiders. Indeed, that’s the only consistent thing in his message. But then it’ll be backed by the NSA, and all the other powers of the President…

I for one welcome the nth Ammendment, and the start of UberPresident Trump’s 3rd term.

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