Bring Some 50 Shades of Grey into your Bedroom!

The hot and steamy sex scenes in 50 Shades of grey have people talking. Not only about the movie but about what they would like to do with their partner. It can be fun to incorporate some of the concepts from the movie into your own love life and shake things up. It can be just what you need to bring back the excitement and break away from the routine.

There are plenty of 50 Shades of Grey toys offered to experiment with. Where you buy them makes a difference so evaluate who makes them and what they are made from. Avoid those cheap imitations which are only trying to make some fast money but they aren’t going to work well or last. Stick with a quality product from high quality materials for such items.


There are several categories of 50 Shades of Grey toys, so it comes down to what you and your partner are interested in exploring. One of the options is to start with a kit that has an assortment of items. This can be a wise investment as it allows you to have several options to try out. You may discover you really like some of them and others you aren’t really fond of at all.

Yet you will have more than one option around so it isn’t going to be hit or miss. As you discover what you like and what you don’t, it can open the door for you to get some additional toys later on that you will both enjoy as well.


Role playing is a fun concept for a couple, and wearing a mask may be a wonderful place to start. The masks from the ball are one of the most popular 50 Shades of Grey toys. While they are a simple addition, they can help you to relax and to get outside of your comfort zone. When it comes to sexual enjoyable, it is all about making your fantasies come true and feeling great.


Many women are curious about the beads used in the movie, and how they made the woman feel very sensual as she wore them. This is one of the 50 Shades of Grey toys many women are trying either alone or with their partner. They want to explore their sensual side and they love the idea of a thrill like that!

The beads are offered in a variety of lengths and with a variety of sizes on them. This could be a great way to set the stage for a night of excitement you won’t forget any time soon. In fact, you may be ready to recreate it again soon! These items are offered made from a variety of materials but the silicon seem to be the most durable and easiest to clean after use.


A great number of the 50 Shades of Grey toys focus on the issue of bondage and being submissive to your partner. Perhaps you both want to take a turn as being the dominant one. Maybe one of you is happy to take that lead while the other is submissive. Some of the bondage items are simple such as wrist ties and handcuffs.

Others though take it to a whole new level so it depends on your desires regarding which of these 50 Shades of Grey toys you would like to take home. You can shop for such items with your partner or you can buy them and surprise them with what you have in mind! With any of these types of sex toys, you will have plenty to rave about!