How Staring At Your Phone Turns You Into a Clueless Zombie
Paul Cantor

Good Article. So correct. I see thousands of people on a daily basis on Oahu just lurching from side to side as they walk down the street staring fixated into their phones. They have totally thrown situational awareness to the winds. Nothing more important in their life than whatever appears on their tiny screen. Once I literally snatched a female by the neck and pulled her back a step or two towards me. As she was turning towards me to castigate me for having been so rude, the huge truck that would have most certainly pancaked her thus ending her life roared by. The blast of wind from the passing truck did seem to snap her back into reality. She looked at the receding truck, then collapsed into my arms with “Oh dear lord, thank you, thank you”. Hopefully that incident provided her with the education she so sorely needed. Thankfully, she is still alive today.

Jim Clement

1973–1976 USMC

1978–1993 USN