Work Ethics

Its been a year and a half when I have been working with a start-up based company in Delhi . Luckily , it’s always a managerial role so I have always got a chance to work very closely with the founder and co-founders of the company .

I started as content intern with the company for first 6 months and later taking up the full time content manager role . Those 6 months taught me a lot about how my attitude should be towards the work or what the founders of the company except . No matter how sweet and nice they are but at the end what they demand is RESULT . Even if you thought this same thing , then like me even you were wrong . They Don’t only want result but they even want you to be extra observant and caring towards your work and other profiles of the company .

Your attitude towards your work is one thing but your attitude towards your company is another thing and this matters the most . Initial time period I was just interested in content management and use to talk on nothing else and luckily I had a good boss who saw potential in me and tried to motivate me to take some extra roles and how i can take them

Work Ethics that can take you forward in your career growth :

  1. Punctuality : Always turn up on time and if in-case you are getting be assure to inform the senior people .
  2. Zeal To Deliver : There will be time when there will be plenty of work , there will also be a time when you will be suppose to do monotonous work or will be required to sit on a bench but your calmness will define your maturity and efficiency to deliver the desired work or how you can tackle various situation
  3. Ready To Wear Multiple Hats : Remember , everything is a race and no one like a person who is stagnant on one field and these days companies prefer employees who can fit in each field . For instance , if you are in content management that doesn’t mean you need to stay away from development branch rather be intuitive and take a step forward and ask companies progress .
  4. Desire to learn : Its a small world with limited time and our college / office dont offer us much time to learn new things in day to day basis but over here what counts is your desire to learn . Everyone know that you might not have knowledge about the globe but they observe and respect is how much efforts you put in learning from others .Remember , no matter the other party is senior or junior in post try reaching out and speak , may be you can learn something which on later stage prove to be life changing decision .
  5. Self-Motivated : Companies grow , people come in and people go . Sometime other task becomes more crucial or other parties get lot of attention . What you need to keep in mind is your goal and target . It really doesn’t matter whether someone ask you about your work not but you should be ever ready to answer back . What is suppose no-body checked your work schedule or work done and suddenly there is a meeting on week-end to showcase your work ? So be self-motivated , think about the team and the company and keep on doing what you are suppose to do .
  6. Stay Away From Politics : Action speak louder than words . Yes ! this proverb fits in for each company very well . Everyone around the table will respect you for your work and attitude and not for your bitching nature . NEVER GET INVOLVED IN BAD POLITICS ( good politics in company are called brain -storming ) . I have seen people who were really good in their work but got fired because of politics . No one cares how good your are , your replacement is always available or may be a better replacement . so think what work in everyone’s benefit and always stay away from politics .
  7. Suggest New ideas : Be on grounds every day even if you are not asked to . Be aware of the surrounding and when I say surroundings I mean potential competitors and business partners . research well and get new ideas , you never know which can hit the right spot and you might just get noticed and get a hike or some compensation or recommendation .
  8. Love Your Work/Company : there is always hierarchy in the company that which is post is important and which is not and may be you work in the department which is considered not that important but if you love your job then it should not bother you at all . Dont listen to other and do your work . Just an advice : If you are in the company and your get paid for it , you are important for the company and they will make it assure how to their work done from you .
  9. Be yourself : There will be many people in the company but you should get inspired from them , dont imitate them . If you think that person is better than you and figure out the ways you can improvise your work but at the end be yourself .
  10. Set an example for others: Never learn something which is considered to be negative . Be smart and confident about your work and your personality . If you feel something is against the work ethics , speak to your boss about the topic and get correct guidance or try help her/him improving the situation .
  11. I think the list can be going on and on but these are the top 10 pointers that need to be taken care off while being in a company .

Good Luck !!