Five things that I want to say to the rain

— 4thApril,2017

Without you, I would have not
build those beautiful 
childhood memories
my first rain coat and 
handmade paper boats.
I want to thank you for the holidays that I got when you heavily poured a lot.

The way your droplets said bye to the grey clouds
danced magically in the direction that the wind called
slided like a ride on the leaves to kiss the ground
woke the poet in me to capture the beauty my eyes had found.

You helped me to conceal my emotions
when I was hurt and tears rolled down
no one to notice me in pain
because your drops were at my service, to camouflage my tears falling in lane.

I have also shared the best moments 
with you my friend
with a cup of hot coffee and
book to read
you provide the best set up indeed!

You make me nostalgic 
everytime I think about you
the aroma of wet sand
makes me your fan
I want to thank you dear, as much as i can
you bring energy in my busy life
when you shower and 
give me a high five.

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