Mumbai locals

— 29thAugust,2017

It’s local that resides in Mumbai
Or its Mumbai that resides in local?

Not just a transport medium reducing time and cost.
I am shelter to thousand and crores of people,few know their destiny and few in search of a better one.Each running with furious speed.Some going to office to work while for some I’m their only office by mere luck.

Some choose me when they start their career.i still remember those cautious,scared baby steps of students entering their college phase.While some end their well stable career by lying on my tracks.

I have seen those never ending verbal abuse when strangers are stubborn just to prove their useless point.At the same time, I have seen humanity existing when some people care about others.feels bad that their count is less.

I am not a dustbin that you can throw litters and wrappers and scribble on me or stick pages on my skin.Remember, I let the needy sleep on my seats when the mob returns their home and few never leave me, because I serve as their home.

I have witnessed people giving justice to their hobbies.They manage to read books and newspaper even standing on one leg.Shopoholics never return home empty handed.Those sleepy nerds enjoy the best nap of their day and music lovers enter in a new world with their earphones in ear, when their favourite music plays.

My siblings metro and mono rail are doing pretty well in Mumbai.We are born to connect places,but we do connect people.I wish if a small pinch of discipline and care was showered on me too.It hurts when people get selfish and enter in my premise,letting others fall out on platform,bleeding in pain.

I am the Time saviour but during rains, I fail to do my duty.I know to run on rails, but nobody trained me to swim in water.Faulty drainage system reduce my efficiency.i feel low confidence and at the end, I give up and news channel get their favourite one liners - “Locals not working, People stuck near sion station.”

The worst is when terrorist plant bombs on my surface and they get successful in their evil motives.Scared mentally, People don’t travel by me for days and days.And I feel so lonely.

But the importance that I have in peoples heart makes me serve more and more.At the end,I am Mumbai local born to serve the local.

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