The speaking mirror

— 5thApril,2017

One day I saw this dream, where in
the mirror in my room said few things:

I am the gateway to the world of peace
The unexplored place where your imagination cease
My lens doesn’t fail to imitate your actions
When you enter in my radar, within a few fractions.

I make you show, what you feel
If you feel young, I adjust my focus and brighten up the screen
If you feel aged, I highlight the wrinkling skin
If you are angry, I reflect redness on your checks
If you get ready for the date, I add blush on your face
If you are surprised, I make you see the questions running like a race
If you are sad, I make your eyes blurry
If you are afraid, I fool you by demons hiding inside me
but if you are happy, I be your best friend and make you glee.

I love the way you are addicted to me
I feel special for just not being a piece of glass hanging on the wall.
I am an integral part of your life.
To give me up, would be your biggest sacrifice.