A Response To All The Angry Indians Who Are Upset With Coldplay And Beyoncé For Appropriating Indian Culture, From An Indian American

This makes me angry…

I get the appropriation thing, but that is never going away. Every culture appropriates other cultures. Indians appropriate Western culture just as much: the clothing, the languages, Indian films always show the stereotypical aspects of Western cultures too, etc.

If Coldplay and Beyoncé are “profiting” from Indian culture then what do you call Bollywood plagiarizing the plots of most Hollywood films? Indians have stolen so much intellectual property from others, it is truly criminal.

And it’s upsetting that this video showcases the lower class?! Well, at least someone has sympathy for the rampant poverty in India, unlike the 1% that only look after themselves.

Why is it such a bad thing that the world is reminded of India’s striving ancient culture with depictions of snake charmers and sadhus?! Be proud of your heritage and don’t try to forget about it. And definitely don’t get mad when someone appropriates it!

You’re mad because Beyoncé dressed in Indian clothes and jewelry, and did a little Indian dance?! Well then, Bollywood actresses, actually all Indian women, should only ever where saris, lehengas, and Punjabi dresses. And there should never be any hip hop dance moves in the choreography in all the videos for Bollywood films songs.

This anger is ridiculous, and hypocritical. Assess your situation before accusing others so harshly.

I see this situation differently. To me cultural appropriation is not black and white, it is a million shades of grey. When one purposefully does it to hurt a culture, to belittle it, or use it to make it conform, then it is an awful thing. However, when one uses it to celebrate another culture, or bring awareness to issues in another culture, then there isn’t necessarily a justification, but there should be an understanding.

Once again. Every Culture Appropriates Other Cultures.

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