Since it is known to us that our bodily senses are all dependent on nerves transmitting the stimulus in form of electricity to perceive, that is rendered as the requisite feel of the sense to us. For example , the skin in being contact to a hot surface , registers the stimulus by the receptors of heat sensation present in our skin and then transmits that to the brain through the nerves.
Now, each sensation can then be generalized as a specific set of electrical signals much like a specific sequence of bits. Analogously we can say that each sense may produce a specific number of different sensations, depending on the number of nerves and the range of signal it depends on. For simplicity let us assume that the range of each sensation can only be 1/0.
So say for N nerves responsible for a sensation we can have 2^N different types of distinct sensations (feelings arising from the sensory input).
So if that has been (or can be) established then we can probably in the Future have systems where in we can manipulate the bits in the senses and be able to experience all the different kinds of sensations that we may never have been able to experience in natural conditions before. For example, if the Tongue has N bits responsible for taste , we can experience all the possible tastes in the world (2^N), this would kind of be similar to eating Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.
Furthermore, each person has a specific taste that excites him/her the most, and that resides in a specific sequence of N bits , once that is subjectively established for the specific person , he/she may be able to recreate that taste at will (by help of some device ofcourse, that stimulates/controls/alters the sensory bits).
This may well be just hypothetical, but the thought of being able to experience Bertie Botts kind of a thing makes for good food for thought.

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