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Sunday Brunch has become a cultural phenomenon and let’s be honest, we are hardcore into brunching and munching on the weekends. Whether it is crawling out of bed Sunday morning after a long night out, tongue-dry, desperately ready for a Bloody Mary hair-of-the-dog cure to your morning blues, or the beginning of a Sunday Funday with bottomless Mimosas: brunch to us means one thing. Good eats, good drinks, good friends, and good times.

In honor of todaze holiday and celebrating our California roots: we tasked ourselves to find the best #stonerfood in San Francisco and our brunch spot delivered. We got our recommendation by searching #stonerfood on the Dished App, and Voila! — Specific stoner-friendly munchies right in our area!

This particular brunch outing took us to Straw Carnival Fare in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. We waited a good hour, to an hour and a half for our table, but sipped on coffee at the cafe next door. We only mention the wait so you can plan accordingly.

Our rating-system is 100% focused on the food at Dished, so lets get right to talking about what matters, the dishes: Straw dishes out classic Americana in spades. This carnival-themed restaurant tugs at heart-strings as kids of all ages reminisce of meals gone by at their local county fair. Think fried, think sweet, think salty, think happy. With dishes ranging from county-fair chicken and waffles, to cotton candy cocktails, this brunch spot does not disappoint.

Our table enjoyed everything from Eggs Benny(comes with prosciutto or sautéed spinach), to a wonderful Chilaquiles with homemade tortilla chips, and a great salad with candied walnuts, chevres, and apple. However, the star of this table and arguably the most iconic offering from Straw had to be the grand-daddy of carnival-cooking: The Ringmaster. A chuck beef burger, served with jack and cheddar cheese, served between two home-made glazed donuts.

We added bacon….because bacon.

Were we ashamed afterwards? Yes. Was it indulgent. Probably. Was it delicious? Abso-friggin-lutely. The Paula Dean imitations and jokes alone were worth the order.

It came with a choice of salad, fries or homemade potato chips. We went with the salad, which felt a bit like ordering a diet-coke after super-sizing a McMeal. Other additional options for add-ons are making the burger a double, adding avocado, and adding a fried egg. Part of me regrets not going for the fried egg to up the #yolkporn game. It begs the question of how do you draw the line when eating this kind of food? How much is too much? If we are being honest, the whole thing is too much, but hey, what #stonerfood isn’t?

We look forward to revisit Straw for a second, and third, and fourth helping. Next time around we are thinking Chicken and Waffles, the Jenga french toast (not joke), and the egg-in-a-hole in brioche! All sound super yum!

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