A bipolar girl I knew twenty years ago has moved in.

She is still living in the past

-She needs to go through it

I am not helping her

I really cannot be bothered

-Holding onto anger fro twenty years ago pathetic

What I have noticed about bipolar people is this

1 They are very involved in their own problems

2 They cannot ever see things from another persons perspective. Far to wrapped up in their own bullshit

-What these people always fail to see is others have problems and obstacles to surmount. They never ever see this.

Part of the problem is the current psychiatric system, which constantly treats them as ill.

This reinforcement from the psychiatric people never allows them to face themselves. EVER!

-This particular girl truly believes herself the centre of everything.

Pathetic really.

-Not to mention very sad.

She will probably never have the opportunity to look down the wormhole and face herself

In this case Iโ€™m actually glad as she is actually a complete bitch.

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