9 Simple “Isolation Hacks”

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The COVID-19 pandemic gave back plenty of time to people who followed the rules & stayed home. I was no different. Prior to the third phase of restrictions being introduced, I had a full-time project going on, was playing tennis 2–3 times per week in different competitions, 2 hours a day commuting & spent the rest of my time with my daughter. I felt like I was playing catching up everywhere. Once the shutdowns came into effect, it felt like life had slowed down significantly.

I began to think about reprioritising and adapting to this new way of life. From…

Get free repository for your startup with unlimited users and repositories

A peek into Gitlab for startup requiring free private repository

I have been using BitBucket for quite sometime as part of my personal projects. Discussing with friends, we jumped on an idea which we could put in place right away. So we created basic feature stories and wanted to begin coding as it is wont to happen with developers in the team. The next question was which code repository to be use for sharing our work within the team. I went to my go to tool then which was BitBucket. But, for teams, it had a limit of 5 users. Our goal as a team was to develop at the…

How to visualise business solution through easy-to-use diagram maker

A why and how-to guide to use for bringing business and technology ideas to realisation

It was last year some time when I stumbled on (now They changed due to this reason. Being a visual thinker, this tool helped me present my ideas with ease. This article describes what makes tick and a guide to get started.

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Open-source and available on your web-browser

Yes. It is open-source and it requires no login. I have worked most of my career in enterprise organisations. I have observed that solution designers and architect use Microsoft Visio. The trouble with you had to raise a request to get access, though the organisation may have license. It was a major turn-off for me…

The COVID-19 break gave me sometime to explore few of the ideas that I had wanted to try for sometime. So I latched onto implementing JWT Authentication. Given below are some of the steps/insights that I got implementing it.

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Now there are umpteen articles on what JWT is. So just quoting from one of them below. The detailed explanation and mechanism is provided here

“A JSON Web Token (JWT), pronounced ‘jot’, is a compact URL-safe means of representing claims to be transferred between two parties. …


This post provides steps to create your first AWS Lambda function in JAVA. Ideally, a high level understanding of AWS Lambda and overall AWS cloud would help in understanding the post. However, a brief overview is still provided for reference. I will also provide few of the reference links which can be used for further reading.

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Develop a simple project which demonstrates the usage of lambda using Java


Essentially the code that gets executed is a function which has inputs and output (More). The input to a lambda can be given through numerous ways. In this example, we will provide…

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