The Twitter War for Hong Kong Isn’t Just From China

  • “Inaccurate information might result from either a deliberate attempt to deceive or mislead (disinformation), or an honest mistake (misinformation).” -Hernon, P. (1995). Disinformation and misinformation through the internet: Findings of an exploratory study.
  • Within these categories there are further subtleties:
  • Mostly true, mostly false, rumor, conspiracy, etc.
  • Conspiracies are usually false speculations about complex plots behind publicly believed stories of events.
  • Propaganda is the utilization of combinations of disinformation, conspiracies, and manipulative uses of partially true information to advance a political agenda.
Graffiti in HK that reads “Fuck China. Fuck the West too!!!”



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Autonomous Disinformation Research Network


Anti-fascist research collective using data science and research to promote positive freedom and reveal disinformation operations.