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When was your first brush with death?

I never get its depth.

Sometimes I overhear

that an acquaintance is no more here.

Then starts the mental strife

in making sense of this eerie issue,

that turns a thing full of life

into a pitiful rubble of bones and tissue.


Every time I look at my grandmother, a mix of emotions such as awe, wonder and to some extent, jealousy fill my mind. She doesn’t remember her birthday but her looks and culinary zeal belie her age. When I came across the conversations around paying women for unpaid domestic work(UDW)…

In one of our casual conversations, my cousin, a first time voter, posed a question that stirred an irrepressible train of queries in my head. It convincingly drove home the import of Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. In the context of the imminent assembly elections in…

On a rare occasion when I sat in front of the TV (in the age of smart phones and OTT), something caught my attention. I witnessed a sudden barrage of advertisements on almost all regional channels, tied together by the theme ‘Vetrinadai podum thamizhagam’ (Tamil Nadu, marching victoriously). It wouldn’t…

In any democracy, the power of its foremost constituent i.e. the people, is embodied by the Legislature of the nation. The Indian parliament symbolizes various facets of our robust democracy –popular participation, where people send their elected representatives; rule of law, where the state’s sovereignty is codified; accountability, where the…

Bhuvanesh Ram.T

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