So there is talk online about css4. There is no css4, lets see wat we can do without it. Maybe think of a way to help the argument. If you just want to skip to the end, i made a quick view on the status of css, you can check it here.

The setup

So where we started was checking what we can find on the internet. There are lots of discussions about css4, some nicely summed up on this article on css-tricks. Nice! We are done. But not yet.

Lets see what we can do now. If you develop we all…

Ok so symfony created a new mime component to create emails, and a new mailer component to send those. Let’s bundle them up and see what we end up with!

If you prefer to skip to the end, just install the bundle we made and enjoy!


Why we started this. We made a lot of symfony apps and in every app we started a new mail system, awesome they were. But after the third or fourth we knew the basics. But as is in every project we forgot to make a bundle and kept copy pasting the data missing stuff…

The premise is that we know how to bootstrap, we know how to Animate.css. Now in bootstrap there is a thing like a carousel. We want to make the animations some more fancy! Lets try.

How does this work?

First up, we need to figure out how we can use the bootstrap classes for a carousel. When we inspect the elements and test and try we see a quick .carousel-item-left and .carousel-item-right class on the main element. Also there is an .active class. Lets puzzle, well i already puzzled so i’ll just explain.

The .active item moves away or fades out on the carousel…

We have already started making a vue app. Now let’s go and try and make a custom component using vuejs. It could be useful they said.

Now just to get started. Most of the issues and items we are discussing today i learned in a talk about vue. You can checkout the talk here.

The goal

The goal of today is that we create a full component that can be reused by anyone. Such a wonderful thing of just making a piece of script anyone can include in a vue project. Using a build script or just include some js from…

Symfony, a set of reusable PHP components from a while back. Since a latest version of 4.0 they introduced a new way of setting up a app/website/api/component. A flex way using symfony flex. Lets take a small look at what to do with that!

In the olden days we had to install the entire set of components, making a basis for a framework to work on. This can still be done by installing the website skeleton. This is useful if you know that that is what you need to get started.

composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton my_project

But is it fun. Lets…

Symfony, a set of reusable PHP components, has the auto wire feature for a while now. Lets dive into that. Let’s auto wire a hello world service.

Since symfony 4 they have set up a basic skeleton framework, this is so we do not need a “big” setup using doctrine for a database, twig for a template engine, and such. If you do you want the old setup you can check the website-skeleton.


Lets get started. Installation using composer.

composer create-project symfony/skeleton my_project

The composer create-project call will download the repo without the git data and put it in a…

Css grid, introduced ages ago in internet explorer 10 with their own rules is now probably in your browse. We want to get started with it and check how far we can go in browsers. And still thinking about some IE11 uses. They are there. You can check a full example of the finished example here.

I once wrote a short story on writing an admin template in just 14 lines of css. Now i was reading about css grid and it sounds cool. So let’s redo that story, using css grid.

Some examples

As a started using css grid there are…

Google made up a word, pwa. Progressive web app. And it is awesome. Create a web page and say it can be opened from an icon on your phone. Cool, now Apple will support the way they agreed upon. Microsoft even add’s the “apps” to the store when you have one. Let’s get you started!

Once upon a time all browsers had an own way to get some icons on you home-screen. This can still be used, not everyone has upgraded to the latest version of their platform of use. This is a time when a website like were…

Ever wondered around github and seen an awesome package you would like to use, only to see there is a readme of one line not explaining what is does. No more, lets document things.

First of, don’t misunderstand the power of the readme on github. This is the point people start when they find your project usually. But you can find out what to do there on the internet. We are checking out the next step.

And don’t forget, i don’t know all the options. I will just name a few i know, like and use in my projects.

gh-pages (branch)


So i build websites and apps regularly, and i use build tools all the time. Once i started using grunt a long time ago i fell in love. But every project you had the hassle of setting up all the tasks you want. And the basics is just building javascript (using babel), uglyfying on production it and do the same on the css side of things. So much work, every time. Now comes webpack encore.

Webpack became the thing that does is all. All in one config, well one for dev and one for production. And now we have two…


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