The Last Man on Earth Ball Theory

(Like many Medium posts, this idea is too big to fit into a tweet.)

After watching 12 episodes of The Last Man on Earth, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way this show makes any kind of logical sense is for something I call the Ball Theory to be true. It’s simple. All the humans on the show except for Phil “Tandy” Miller are actually balls.

Phil was going to kill himself, but didn’t, and hallucinated Alexandra Daddario before seeing Kristen Schaal. But I think he actually didn’t see Schaal. Those are all balls.

If you look at all the major plot points in the season, they come way too coincidentally for it to make any kind of logical sense.

  1. When he’s about to kill himself, Carol shows up.
  2. When he gets comfortable with Carol, Melissa shows up.
  3. When he’s about to get “comfortable” with Melissa, Todd shows up.
  4. When he makes peace with Melissa, Todd and the whole situation, Erica and Gail show up.
  5. When he’s about to get comfortable with Erica and Gail, New Phil shows up.
  6. New Phil being the anti-Phil. Everybody likes him, but he’s only really interested in Carol. Plus he knows how to do things. The exact opposite of old Phil.

This could be excused as just things needed to move the plot forward and drive the drama, but BECAUSE the first two episodes were so smart and well written, I want to believe it’s something different. I want to believe that everyone on the show is a ball and Phil “Tandy” Miller has been imagining all these unbelievable reactions in order to keep himself sane. (As sane as Tom Hanks on the island.)

So could all the ways that the show has repeatedly gone to the same plot points over and over “will X have sex with Y? Will Y have sex with Z?” can be explained as Phil’s imagination.

I can see the whole last 5 minutes ( of the finale being flashbacks to major scenes showing how only Phil was there and the people he thought he was talking to were actually balls. Provides a nice way to wrap up the first season and show that he really still, and always was, the Last Man on Earth.

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