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You should stop allowing the amount of money you make to determine how content you are in life. There are hundreds of wealthy people who lead sad and unfulfilled lives because their joy has been attached to money and nothing else. I read something once about how “big joys & small joys are the same” and how you should be just as content eating chocolates in your bathtub as you are on a huge trip you take to celebrate a promotion. …

Let’s say that your current struggle is your diet and eating habits. You went to McDonald’s for the fourth time this week along with eating two whole sleeves from those Oreos that you keep underneath your bed.

Who cares right? Everyone does it!


Not everyone does that and neither should you.

I once had a conversation with an old friend and she was wondering how I’m able to eat well and stay slim. I explained to her that’s it’s really not that difficult for me because I enjoy eating nutritious foods and exercising. You know what she said? “Ugh…

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Comparing your personal life and achievements to others is a self-defeating habit. Everyone is on their own unique path in life. It is important to not hold the belief that someone is doing better than you because in reality, you are doing the best for you.

Every decision that you make is tailored to what feels right for your life. If you are making even the slightest effort to better yourself and your situation, you are already killing it.

I’d like to end this outdated societal norm once and for all that you must achieve certain milestones in life at…

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Suicide is such a touchy subject for most people. Either they have known someone who lost their lives to it or they have personally struggled with ideation of it. Most people don’t want to talk about it because it doesn’t make sense to them. Not many people understand how someone could get to that point. How they “let” their minds convince them that they are not worth living anymore. And that’s the growing issue in our community. We don’t want to understand it because we don’t want to take responsibility for it.

The ones who fell victim to suicide are…

America, the land of the free and the place of opportunity. We are blessed with endless resources to become successful. There is plenty of money to go around and plenty of issues that need solving, which means there is always a need for businesses. We take advice from fellow entrepreneurs on how to build a business from the ground up but we fail to ask how to keep our mental health in check. Depression among entrepreneurs is something that is often overlooked.

Kate Spade developed a billion dollar brand from the comfort of her apartment with her boyfriend Andy. It…

Can you think of a time when you put a lot of effort into a project for work or school?

I’m sure you can.

Can you remember your boss or instructor’s reaction? Were they completely floored by what you created? Only to have you respond with, “It’s not my best work”.

Unfortunately, you don’t believe that it’s good enough.

And so you start to think, is being a hard worker a double-edged sword?

I always wondered about this because I’m someone who struggles with it. My best work, according to others is mediocre when I analyze it myself. It is…

From middle school until my mid twenties I suffered from negative self-talk and suicide ideation. I would spend way too much time locked away in my room feeling extremely hopeless and useless. My mind was constantly traveling to dark places and it always seemed nearly impossible to escape this. It wasn’t until I was twenty five years old that I had what most would call a “breakthrough”.

Several events led to my understanding of how much we are in control of our current mental state. …

Here’s a little backstory for you:

I graduated high school in 2010 without any idea of what I wanted to do next. The obvious answer was to go to college but that just didn’t feel right. I went against my gut feeling and enrolled myself in classes anyway. I spent months in college struggling to pay attention, feeling like I was just following the crowd and not my heart. Eventually I dropped my classes and spent a year working, thinking of my next move.

I had zero ideas.

The only thought I had was that I needed to finish college…

I can’t tell you how many years I have dreamed of owning my own business where I am able to create a product or service used by hundreds and thousands of people.

When I was about six years old living in the Bronx, NY I wasn’t really allowed to hang out around the neighborhood because it wasn’t the safest place for young kids so I just hung out in our fenced-in yard. I was sometimes allowed to go to the corner store to get candy and snacks if I had the money for it. …

It’s not humanly possible to feel good all of the time. You will find yourself feeling down and unmotivated some days and that’s ok. But don’t sulk in it. Generally what you are going through is not due to the situation but how you are perceiving it. Take a break, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do something kind for yourself. Below are some tips that I have compiled over the years that have improved my mental health overall.

1. Exercising

This is one that I find myself reiterating because I believe it to be so impactful on one’s life…

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