Download Pangu iOS 11

Pangu is a tool which uses for jailbreaking tool iOS device for free. This is a Windows only jailbreak tool where as Pangu download is the best download tool for iOS devices as some users are enjoying jailbreaking their devices and some re worrying that they cannot jailbreaking their devices. Therefore, Pangu downloader is playing a major role of Jailbraking. Pangu is compatible with iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 2,mini 3, mini 4 and iPod 6G. iOS 11 brings subtle design changes, wider range of settings, control center customization, 3D touch integration, tramslate English language to many different languages, mersged with notification center and there are many new features on iOS 11. Download Pangu iOS 11 is available now and process is not much more difficult.

Download Pangu iOS 11

First you have to updrade your device with iOS 11 before you download Pangu.

· The process can be shown as follows;

Step 1- Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update

Step 2- Wait till system checks its updates

Step 3- After that it will show latest possible update, then tap on Download and Install button

Step 4- Type and enter the passcode to proceed

Step 5- It will show you Agree button, then to accept terms and conditions so click on Agree button

Step 6- Operating system will be rebooted and then your system is upgraded

· Here are the steps to download Pangu iOS 11

Step 1- Download the required version of Pangu for iOS 11

Step 2- Visit to download Pangu to your device

Step 3- Tap on Up Arrow button and clock on Add to home screen

Steps 4- Next rename the download icon as Pangu

Step 5- Press on Pangu apps home button

Step 6- Restart your device and reboot your device for iOS 11

Here is a video and please go through it to get a knowledge about how to download Pandu iOS 11.

Performance of Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak

At the moment Pangu has noticeable as an extraordinary in the world. Yalu developers and Pangu instruments are matched with new iOS 11.


This article shows you that Pangu download for iOS 11 and I hope that you have learnt something by reading this. This Article mainly focused on what is Pangu, Pangu jalbreaking process and performance of Pangu iOS 11 jailbreaking.

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