The most people expensive Games in history were the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi at over US$50 billion, which is four times more than Putin originally proposed. Tokyo organizers initially estimated the cost of the Olympics to run around 6.8 billion dollars first, but more recent estimates put the cost for all Games-related expenses at around 20 billion dollars. The cost of Olympics keeps increasing so a burden of Japan government becomes big. When Tokyo Olympics was selected in 2013, the people in Japan was glad to this decision, but now they worry about Tokyo Olympics in some ways. While the Olympics are generally thought of as a great event for Japan, there is cause for concern as the Olympics can have a negative effect in 3 ways: economy, environment, and infrastructure.

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The first key negative effect of the Olympics is economy. For a long time, the Japanese government has discussed about economy of Olympics from a lot of points of view. Economy is not going well and worried by many Japanese.

One aspect of economy that will negatively impact Japan is recession after Olympics. When the Olympics finish, debt of Japan will greatly increase. Building some stadiums and paving roads cost much money. And first, marathon’s place was Tokyo, but it changed Sapporo in Hokkaido prefecture in a hurry. Tokyo had cost paving heat insulating roads. However, it was canceled suddenly, it became waste. Therefore, the additional cost in Sapporo also costs much money and we will be subjected money in the future. When Tokyo Olympics is held, Japan will be prosper. But after it finishes, special demand of Olympics will finish immediately. During Tokyo Olympics is held, tourism, restaurants, some shops will do a great business. If foreigners come back their home countries, Japanese tourist industry will be recession. In history of Olympics, a lot of countries that were held fell into recession. According to this article, “Soul, Barcelona, Sydney, Athenae, Beijing and Rio fell into recession after Olympics.”( So, Japan also has potential to be recession.

Another aspect of economy that will negatively impact Japan is money. Japan has already cost much money for Tokyo Olympics. First, Tokyo Olympics was said “Compact Olympics” but now, it cost three trillion yen. It was a lot more than Japan had expected. First expected plan was very low because the lower the cost, the more likely it was to be invited. And money for disaster area will run short. Tokyo Olympics’s theme is “Reconstruction Olympics.” But actually, only Tokyo is prosper so this theme doesn’t work. Tokyo made construction cost but in disaster area, lack of money for reconstruction is a problem. In disaster area, public buildings’ construction remains at high, so unsuccessful bidding happens now. Holding Olympics pretends reconstruction of disaster area. And many stadiums were built for Olympics, this construction cost so much. First, venues that had been used former Tokyo Olympics should have continued to use. However, many newly venues were made for Olympics.

Another aspect of economy that will negatively impact Japan is job shortage. When Olympics is held, employees will increase rapidly and decrease immediately. Olympics needs eighty thousands people who work. So, people who want to get job will be able to work. But after Olympics, people who come to Japan will decrease and be little demand for service industries. The other problem is university students who prepare employment are hard to get jobs. Depression of Olympics affects getting jobs. Many university students may be in trouble in 2021. And during Tokyo Olympics, working power concentrates only Tokyo. Some volunteers come to Tokyo to work and other people come to work in Tokyo. So, other country areas will be lose population. Small and medium-sized companies in the country areas may decline.

For all of these reasons, the economy of the Olympics will negatively affect Japan in terms of recession after Olympics, money and job shortage.

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The second key negative effect of the Olympics is environment. There are some Japanese environment problems to solve and counter by Tokyo Olympics. Japan have to face main three problems.

One aspect of environment that will negatively impact Japan is security. First, dangerous for deterioration of the public order in Tokyo are worried. Japan legal information held a research about Tokyo Olympics’ worrying in 2018, about 31% answered “dangerous for deterioration of the public order.” ( Tokyo Olympics is paid attention from all over the world. Therefore some people may plan political demonstrations and commit crimes. And it is feared act of terrorism, for example, in Rio Olympics, ten people related to IS tried to commit terrorism were arrested.( So, Japan have to consider measures. It also may infect servers by cyberattacks. We can’t be wary anytime.

Another aspect of environment that will negatively impact Japan is climate. There are many kind of climate problems in Japan. First problem is earthquakes. Earthquakes may attack Japan during Tokyo Olympics. The professor in Kyoto university, Hiroki Kamata says “The earthquake may happen in 2020 with high probability.” ( So, Japan have to take measures for the earthquake. Also, summer in Japan is very hot. Tourists don’t know how hot in Japan, so heatstrokes are concerned. Japanese government needs to warm to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrations. And, last problem is typhoon. In summer, typhoons often happen in Japan, therefore these may disturb and make bad effects during Tokyo Olympics. This year, 2019, 19th typhoon caused big damages in Japan. These climate problem could happen suddenly.

Another aspect of environment that will negatively impact Japan is pollution. Water pollution of swimming is worst. The sea in Odaiba was found E. coils above the maximum limits. But, the Olympic Organizing Committee says the venue doesn’t change. And smell of swimming water is bad because of pollution. Swimmers felt bad smell like restrooms in the test swimming. ( So, swimming is one of the most worrying problems. Other problem is soil contamination. For example, London Olympics did soil remediation, so it succeeded as Eco Olympics. ( )Also Tokyo Olympics has to solve the problem and be compact Olympics.

For all of these reasons, the environment of the Olympics will negatively affect Japan in terms of security, climate and pollution.

Body paragraph 3

The third key negative effect of the Olympics is infrastructure. Tokyo is a metropolis which holds many people. While Tokyo Olympics, people will increase and concentrate on Tokyo. There are some problems in infrastructure.

One aspect of infrastructure that will negatively impact Japan is congestion. Many foreign guests will come into Tokyo in 2020. Trains in Japan is famous for congestion, so people who use trains will increase more and more. According to this article, “Tokyo station, Shinjuku station and Nagatatyou station will happen big confusion.( Workers in Tokyo will be involved by this congestion. About 7.9 million workers and 660 thousand tourists get on the trains. And it may happen crimes in the middle of the confusion. For example, thefts, molesters, murders and so on. Congestion has possibility of bad influences.

Another aspect of infrastructure that will negatively impact Japan is bad access. The venues are scattered all over the prefectures. First, marathon was going to hold in Tokyo, but the venue was changed into Sapporo because of hot climate in Tokyo. However, about 400 opposite opinions have already arrived in Sapporo city.( People who want to watch the marathon will be in trouble. And people who ride wheelchairs have trouble moving. For example, access to the National Stadium is difficult for disabled people. Almost people come to the Stadium using public transportations. But, disabled people are difficult to ride on trains or buses. Suggestions about transportation management was presented in 2019, there were few descriptions about transportation of disabled people.(

Another aspect of infrastructure that will negatively impact Japan is transportation. Trains in Tokyo will be chaos with many people. So, there is a possibility of stopping and being late trains because of riding too many people. If foreign tourists ride on trains, they will be confuse the situation. Not only public transportations but also cars will be involved in chaos too. Traffic jam may happen many places and influence delivery services. The government will do traffic restrictions, therefore late by congestion will happen in Tokyo. Some main delivery services are requested stopping specified time and changing route of delivery during the Tokyo Olympics.(

For all of these reasons, infrastructure of the Olympics will negatively affect Japan in terms of congestion, bad access and transportation.


As this essay showed, Tokyo Olympics have many negative effects for Japan. First, Olympics gives negative effect on economy in Japan. Next, Olympics accords bad influence on environment in Japan. Third, Olympics have bad effect on infrastructure in Japan. Though Tokyo Olympics is thought a great event for Japan, there are some not good effects in 3 ways: economy, environment, and infrastructure.




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