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BIS 155 Entire Course (Devry)

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BIS 155 Course Project: Excel Project

BIS 155 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band

BIS 155 Lab 2 of 7: Excel’s Advanced Formulas & Functions

BIS 155 Lab 3 of 7: Alice Barr Realty Analysis

BIS 155 Lab 4 of 7: Create Address Labels

BIS 155 Lab 5 of 7: Bruno’s Pizza Analysis

BIS 155 Lab 6 of 7: Day Care Center

BIS 155 Lab 7 of 7: Access Database


BIS 155 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band (Devry)

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Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band (50 Points)

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You are the assistant to the band director for the Upper Saddle River Marching Band, and you must prepare a report showing the status of the marching band fundraising event for presentation to the board of trustees. The report will summarize all sales of all items and include the total profit-to-date with the amount remaining to reach the profit goal. You will open the partially completed workbook, create formulas, format for presentation to the board, and add charts to graphically depict the sales over time and by product.


BIS 155 Lab 2 of 7: Excels Advanced Formulas And Functions (Devry)

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BIS 155 Lab 2 of 7: Excel’s Advanced Formulas & Functions

You are an intern at First National Bank working in the loan department, and your boss has asked you to prepare the monthly “New Loan Report” for the Board of Directors. This analysis report will clearly list and summarize all new loans for residential housing in the past month. The summary area includes the loan statistics as labeled data in the data file. The format of the report is appropriate for the Board of Directors for the First National Bank.


BIS 155 Lab 3 of 7: Alice Barr Realty Analysis (Devry)

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Lab 3 of 7: Alice Barr Realty Analysis

You are an intern with the Regional Realty Association and are
analyzing the claim made by Alice Barr Realty that “we get your price.” You have
prepared a spreadsheet that shows data relating to 3 months’ sales by Alice Barr
Realty. You are going to determine the percent of asking price for each home
sold and analyze the sales data to determine the true track record of the
company in selling homes for the asking price.

STEP 1: Open, Save, and Document the
Workbook (5 points)

You must open a workbook that lists home sales for 3 months.

A. Download the file chap4_cap_barr from DocSharing, Lab

B. Open the workbook in Excel, and save it as


BIS 155 Lab 4 of 7: Create Address Labels (Devry)

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Create labels for the letters. The XYZ Corporation wishes to use
mailing labels to address the envelopes. They own 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of label
paper with 1" by 4" labels, which they purchased from Office

Download the Lab 4, Step 3 Instructions.

A. Create
a new file for printing labels.

B. Merge data from your Excel spreadsheet into the new label


BIS 155 Lab 5 of 7: Bruno’s Pizza Analysis (Devry)

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The owner of Bruno’s Pizza, Joe Bruno, wants to evaluate the profitability of his three restaurants before he expands further. He is particularly interested in the comparative results of three dining categories, dine-in, pickup, and delivery. Joe has asked for your help in doing this analysis in return for a small stipend and all the pizza you can eat. You have already prepared a template and distributed it to each restaurant manager, who has entered the sales data for last year. Your next task is to consolidate the data into a single workbook that shows the total sales for each quarter and each dining category. The information should be shown in tabular, as well as graphical formats. You will also create a documentation sheet so that Joe will know exactly what you have created.


BIS 155 Lab 6 of 7: Day Care Center (Devry)

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Your friend, Jane Morales, is considering opening a Day Care Center. She has started compiling her assumptions and putting together an Income Statement. She has determined that she must make at least $75,000 profit per year in order to start the business. She has asked you to analyze her Income Statement and help her determine whether it is viable for her to start this business. You have agreed to help her complete her Income Statement and to perform What-If analysis to help her look at her potential profitability.


BIS 155 Lab 7 of 7: Access Database (Devry)

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Hopefully you will find this week’s lab activity fun and useful. If you have never created a database, you will be able to tell all of your friends and family that you are now a database designer. You will walk through the steps of creating and populating an Access database to keep a record of items in your home. The database will have a table, a form, a query, and a report.

Turn in one database named Lab7_yourlastname.accdb to the DropBox. When submitting the database, provide a comment in the Dropbox comments area explaining what you learned from completing this lab activity.


BIS 155 Week 1 Quiz (Excel Fundamentals and Charting)

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Week 1 Quiz

(TCO 1) Which of the following describes the function of the Formula Bar (as it applies to Excel 2010)? (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) Which of the following best describes a cell address? (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) If you wanted to insert the current date into an active cell, which of the following would you use? (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) In Excel a Formula is _______. (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) Which of the following describes the Auto Fill in Excel 2010? (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) Ribbon Commands with arrows indicate_____. (Points : 2)

(TCO 1) The three types of data that can be entered in a cell in an Excel worksheet are __________. (Points : 2)

(TCO1) In Excel, a border ________. (Points : 2)

(TCO 3) A data series is a group of related ____________. (Points : 2)

(TCO 3) A __________ is usually the most effective way to display proportional relationships, such as market share data, where the individual data values represent parts of a whole. (Points : 2)

(TCO 3) When creating a chart in Excel, a single data series _____. (Points : 2)

(TCO 3) To display similar data in a single column, with each series of data distinguished by a different color, use a: (Points : 2)


BIS 155 Week 2 Quiz (Excel s Advanced Formulas & Functions)

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Week 2 Quiz

  • (TCO 2) An absolute cell reference: (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 2) Which of the following best describes a circular reference? (Points: 2)
  • (TCO 2) =$E2-G$4 contains examples of _____ cell references. (Points: 2)
  • (TCO 2) In Excel, an Argument would be best described by which of the following statements? (Points: 2)
  • (TCO 2) The MEDIAN function would identify the ____. (Points: 2)
  • (TCO 2) The MAX function identifies the _____. (Points: 2)
  • (TCO 2) The NOW function would perform which of the following? (Points:2)
  • (TCO 2) The _____ number is the number of the column in the lookup table that contains the return values. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 2) Arithmetic operations, cell references, and ____can be used in Excel formulas. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 2) To simplify entering ranges in formulas, you can use _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 7) A _____ helps to ensure consistency and standardization for similar workbooks, such as detailed income statements for all 12 months in a year. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 2) When calculating a PMT function, the PV is best described by which of the following? (Points : 2)


BIS 155 Week 3 Quiz (Data Analysis Functions)

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Week 3 Quiz

  • (TCO 4) If there are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time but might be needed later,_ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only the essential information. (Points:2)
  • (TCO 4) In Excel, the print area is defined as _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) When sorting in Excel, it arranges records in a table _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) Filtering the Cost column (field) to show only records greater than $10,000 is……__. (Points:2)
  • (TCO 4) To create a new Conditional Formatting Rule, _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) In addition to sorting and filtering cells by content, you can sort and/or filter by _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) When data is grouped, the margin area displays the _____. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) A _____ allows you to identify relationships between variables in your data. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) Data mining techniques such as PivotTables can detect _____ of data. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 4) A faster way to expand all categories at one time is to click _____. (Points : 2)


BIS 155 Week 4 Quiz (Office Integration and Mail Merge)

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Week 4 Quiz

  • (TCO 8) Which of the following is one of the most common file types imported into Excel? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of the following is NOT a text file? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of the following is NOT a method for refreshing data? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) The Convert Text to Columns Wizard allows you to choose the file type, such as Delimited____(Points:2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of the following is a frequently used function to manipulate txt? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) To change the text string Jack Doe to JACK DOE, use the ________ function. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of the following cannot be used in a CONCATENATE function? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) If you want to send a letter to all your customers using Mail Merge, and you already have the customers’ names and addresses stored in an Excel file, you should choose _________ from the Select……. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) The New Comment command is located on the ________ tab. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) An alternative method for inserting a comment in a cell includes: (Points : 2)


BIS 155 Week 5 Quiz (Consolidating Data and What-If Analysis)

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Week 5 Quiz

  • (TCO 5) When multiple worksheets are selected, the word ________ appears in the title bar. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 5) In Excel, which of the following would you perform to group adjacent worksheets? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 5) When two windows of the same workbook are opened, Excel adds ________ to the…. (Points:2)
  • (TCO 5) After saving the arrangement of windows, a workbook can be opened by opening __file. (Points:2)
  • (TCO 5) Which of the following functions do NOT work with 3D formulas? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 5) Excel’s ability to manage worksheets allows you to do all EXCEPT: (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 5) If A1 contains the hourly pay rate of $10.25, A2 contains the hours worked (40), and A3 contains =A1*A2, which cell is the dependent cell(s)? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 6) In a what-if analysis of a car purchase, the original interest rates of 6% and 5%, 5.5% and 6.5% are the ________ values. (Points : 2)

(TCO 6) Which What-If Analysis tool would be best at comparing the combined


BIS 155 Week 6 Course Project Excel Project

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The general instructions for this project can be found in the Week 6 Lecture material. The Week 6 Lecture describes the assignment and provides an overview of the project as a whole. There are no step-by-steps for the course project. The following are grading criteria for this project.


Organize the Data

Data imported from SalesData.csv text file located in Course Project Materials in DocSharing. Professional formatting follows the formatting guidelines we studied during the first week of class. Documentation sheet added to provide author, purpose, and date and provide information about each of the sheets you will create as you analyze the data. At least one calculated field added and copied to all cells in the worksheet.

Analyze the Data

Analyze the data in at least three different ways. Each form of Data Analysis should be provided on a separate, appropriately labeled worksheet. It is expected that each sheet will be professionally formatted and clearly documented with titles, comments, and explanation. Remove any extra sheets so your workbook is as compact as possible when you turn it in. Go back and review your labs for assistance in completing the different types of analysis.

The following are some examples of analysis you might wish to do:

Sort by discount level. Have discounts increased sales volumes? Is there any discount level that appears to be more effective than others? Graph sales over time to see trends. Are there any peaks and lows in sales? Is there any time of year in which sales are highest? Lowest? Pivot the data to see total sales by quarter, country, category, and salesperson. Are there any highs? Are there any lows that need to be addressed? Subtotal the data. How are quarterly sales totals? Sales totals by salesperson? By Country? Challenge Option: Perform What-If Analysis. What if prices were raised by a certain percentage with a slight decline in sales? What combination of price increases and decline in sales makes most sense?