London Real Business Accelerator, do or don’t?

Hi I am participating on Brain Rose’s Business Accelerator course. I will tell you more about my expierence of this course.

7 weeks ago I started the course by hitting the submit button, and boy what happend then I will try to discripe as good as possible.

I think it was a Monday when I hitted that subscribe button. Tuesdays the course started. I was done with so many attemps of living and dreaming my dreams but not fullfil them, but now I was ready to make my dream reality. Time for action and making my dreams come true!

When I saw the first module (the program has 7 modules) I said okay, now what, what will be the next challange for me as a dreamer of my own business but not a do-er. I had to put myself out of my comfortzone more then once and there was no way of turning back. Thank god I didn’t stopped. Although the last 7 weeks where like a roller coaster, my life changed in the most positive way you can imagine. I had to face myself and the private group on facebook was and is an eyeopener. So many beautifull, energetic, possitive, passionate people, it is realy hard to descripe how much they and this group means to me. So much support from people all over the world with their ideas, love and energy, unbelievable. At first I had a total different business idea, but soon, in the module 1 and 2, I knew I had to change it, which I did. I created a business and as up to date I am still working on it (Get Sh!t Done!) . Whithout the help from the Business Accelerator I would have failed 100%. This is al so inspiring and hard work that pays of. Whitin a few days and the following weeks of the program I forced myself to do things I could not imagine at first. But guess what, I did it. And so did more then 300 people . These people became friends, inspiration and motivation of pushing through, even if you think you can’t, you will force yourself to the limit because of the energy from this group of people is unbelieveble.

You have to do a lot of things that you only can dream about as entrepeneur and that is what it is all about, YOU do all the things with a little help by tutorials, classmates, teamleaders, zoom calls etc. It has be a lifechanger (probably also a lifesaver) for me. I pushed out Video vlogs, automated email campains, made a website, developed free products, created low cost products wrote blogs and I took a look at me as a person where am I at this time in my life and where do I want to be. I even did 3 webinars and sold my first products. The endorfine creating all of this is intens. Not only that. Overwinning procrastination, fear, selfdoubt, resistance…….did I mentioned resistance, yeah I did, boy did I had a lot of it. But the vibe in this Business Accelerator course is unbelieveble. I am so gratefull for the opertunaty.

Who does this course? Everybody! Like you and me, sucsessfull people that already have a business and want to take it to the next level and people like me who had ideas throughout their lives but never made them come true. I did. I’m at the start of a business that will be going skyhigh whitin the next few months, years. I know that for sure because the basics are there, the knowledge is shared and I can always look back at the modules and learn again. Wow what a journey!

Looking back at this course it has changed my life, my mindset and me as a person. I faced everything you probably can imagin and I am still not there where I want to be but the start is there.

The support is intense, pure,energetic , loveable and I would recomend everybody to do this course, to gain more insights of your existing business or to make your dreams come true.

London Real, Brain Rose and his team leaders/ members are awesome! Thank you for the support and pushing me through the hardest, but best times of my life to create the best of me.

Rob Nölken

Disorganized Productions



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