Video Wall Technology — Delta Displays

Video walls are a multi-display setup that allows you to monitor and control a multitude of content. Way ahead and far more equipped than any other display technology, DLP video walls are well suited for control rooms, because of many factors like: No information is lost as the screen gap is less, product life is more than 11 years; it is available in various resolutions; there is no burn-in, no ghosting. Video walls have become necessity as they are based on DLP technology needed to manage operations for 24x7 applications. Utilities use them to monitor generation, distribution and transmission. Defense/paramilitary/police use it for public safety and railways to keep an eye on all metro operations, from signaling, to power traction. With such dynamic employability, video walls are being used in a dozen applications across industry and sectors.

Capable of performing 24X7, equipped with state-of-the-art DLP technology, and with wide resolutions (4K, UXGA, WUXGA, Full HD etc), video walls stack-up a performance that is virtually maintenance free. With built-in redundancies, video walls ensure you won’t lose the critical content even for a second.

A seamless canvas of displays, video walls act as our eyes keeping us updated and giving a true picture of any situation, 24X7.

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