Disposable Trend’s first episodes was a blast because we just launched and decided to hit the trending topics of the week that most got us excited.

Donald J. Trump

Deciding on Republican Presidential nominee front-runner Donad J Trump was a no brainer. He was, and still is, trending like mad and getting both sides riled up for is off-hand remarks and basic disregard for the formal procedure that is the nomination process — even though we all know that the whole shibang is just one long snake-oil sales pitch.

The only thing more ridiculous than Trump’s antics is his hair


When NASA’s New Horizon mission finished it’s nine year journey to Pluto and sent back the best pictures earthlings have ever seen the furor for Neil Degrasse Tyson to make Pluto a planet again reached a fever pitch — though we don’t really thing it’s his call. It is a dwarf planet, which by our estimation means it is still a planet — just now it’s being bullied for being smaller than the other kids.

Pluto as seen by New Horizon


When professional Mick Fanning was preparing for his set in South Africa for the World Surfing League finals he might have been wondering if a shark was going to do a swim-by and check out his cutlets — so maybe that’s why he was so quick with a right hook to said sharks nose!

Either was Fanning escaped with only his tether cord on his surf board broken. The event was smartly cancelled by the WSL and both surfers in the final split the points and the purse. Smart move WSL!

Maybe if Fanning had been in Maine back in the 70s Jaws wouldn’t have terrorized that poor community that one summer.

Mike Tyson couldn’t have punched him out any better

Overall the first episode was tough for us as we had never setup the studio, shot a video, edited and posted it before — however, it was the beginning of something we both felt passionately about and have forged on to greener pastures.

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