Are you looking to attract crypto investors with security tokens? Successful marketing is the foundation of every security token offering project. With increasing distrust and fraud in the ICO (initial coin offering) space, security token offering is now rising in popularity.

STO has appeared as a regulated, profitable, and more reliable alternative to initial coin offerings. It has become a fad in the realm of digital fundraising. However, since STO is a new concept in the market, it is a bit challenging to attract potential customers. …

Marketing is escalating at such a rapid pace that it might all seem confusing at times. The concept of marketing is present for a number of years now and has seen several significant changes over time, with various new marketing trends coming up lately.

One such recent trend has been the use of AI or artificial intelligence for marketing campaigns. This trend is still in its infant stage but growing rapidly. The use of AI has made the jobs of agency professionals simpler in a lot of ways.

For example, consider chatbots. Now, if you open a website, a message…

With the internet reaching every home globally, businesses have found new ways to market their products and services. There are about 3.48 billion social media users worldwide and the number is only going to increase in 2020.

Since the market is getting tougher, as a business owner or a social media marketer if you want to make the most out of your marketing campaigns while managing them with finesse, you need to get over your usual social media marketing tools and tactics and start approaching the AI-based ones.

There are a plethora of AI-driven social media marketing tools available that…

Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses in many ways. Marketing is one of the key areas this technology is revolutionizing. Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur or business owner, understanding how Artificial Intelligence can help achieve your marketing goals is vital to stay ahead of your competitors.

While there’s more and more materials on artificial intelligence, it’s often difficult to answer one of the first questions that comes into mind: how do you get started with AI? In this article, we’re addressing this question.

The integration of AI in marketing is fast becoming a standard for many brands such as agencies…

You have probably heard several times that content is king. This is true considering how fast the digital space and content marketing have evolved.

Content marketing was initially a way to set yourself apart and create a daylight distance between you and your competitors. This is no longer the case as everyone else is catching up on the bandwagon of crafting great content for marketing purposes.

Almost every great brand you can think of owes part of its success to content marketing. …

Blockchain is undoubtedly a new technology but it has already impacted the world in more ways than one. The technology has largely found its fame through cryptocurrencies. Yet, it has already been implemented in a handful of industries, proving to be a groundbreaking solution.

From supply chain to the public health system, blockchain technology has the power to enhance transparency, shed light on complex paper-heavy processes and ultimately increase the speed and efficiency of business operations as a whole.

Regardless of the industry, blockchain technology is also stepping into the world of marketing and advertising. That isn’t a surprise, of…

Telegram is one of the newest messenger apps in the world yet it has quickly become the leading messaging choice in the crypto space.

The reason for its popularity and success probably lies in the fact that it brings together under one platform the functions of Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp and even the teenage-popular Snapchat, among enhanced encrypted features that add extra layers of security for end users.

The app was banned in Russia and Iran, but the users of the app took to the streets of Moscow and Tehran to protest against these measures. …

From automakers to shipping companies to banks and even cities, blockchain is finally gaining momentum across industries due to its unique ability to transform time-consuming, paper-heavy processes in simple, trackable, and transparent ones.

The number of blockchain-related jobs increased by 26%, according to a recent study by “Seen by Indeed.” Not only this figure sounds promising, but a more in-depth look at the companies behind those job listings makes it even more exciting. Deloitte. IBM, Accenture, Cisco, and Collins Aerospace are the top five employers.

But despite the growing popularity of blockchain industry, startups still face intense scrutiny for leveraging…

Once upon a time, adding the terms ‘blockchain’, ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘token’ to your project was enough to be labeled as an innovator and easily catch the attention of press. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, along with those secret buzzwords.

For blockchain projects and companies trying to make a name for themselves in the cryptocurrency world, storytelling has become a different ball game altogether.

Make no mistake. Creating a compelling story around your business is still possible, and necessary. But to achieve good results, business owners need to put an extra work into it.

This article looks at how to tell…

The digital marketing space is getting more competitive than ever. Relying on traditional marketing strategies is not enough to get ahead of your peers. Going to trade shows, paying for advertising, and collecting customer testimonials is not enough. Today, more than ever, Artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be integrated into your marketing campaigns to reap the desired results.

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It has more intricacies linked to it. One of the best ways to get around it is diversification. Learning and investing in new tactics, such as artificial intelligence integrations, is essential.

Artificial intelligence in marketing



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