Whether it's on porn sites or social media, image-based sexual abuse is everywhere on the internet. But taking the videos down is harder than it seems.

[This essay was originally posted on the blog Activism Through the Senses and it was submitted as an assignment for the course New Media, ICT and Development of the Master of Communication for Development of Malmö University]

In my previous blog posts on Activism Through the Senses, I mostly focused on how online campaigns were related to the senses (smell, space awareness, taste and hearing).

The posts dealt with victim-blaming, street harassment, and human…

[This essay, a critical analysis of the news article “Do you ever think of me?: the children sex tourists leave behind” was originally submitted as an assignment for the course Media, Globalization and Development of the Master of Communication for Development of Malmö University]

The article “‘Do you ever think about me?’: the children sex tourists leave behind” is a written account of the lives of children and teenagers who were born to women in prostitution in the slums of Angeles City, Philippines. The fathers of these children and teenagers are Western sex tourists that sometimes maintained some kind of…

Warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and torture.

[This article was originally published in Words In The Bucket online magazine. It was edited by Nivan Yahaghi and Virginia Vigiliar, who is also a writer on Medium]

“I was 24 years old, it was a long time ago. But I can tell you I continue suffering from the result of my torture, incest and trafficking to this day”. These were the words of Jeanette Westbrook, a human trafficking survivor and now defender, who bravely shared her story at a panel on Non-State Torture (NST) in New York last…

and how the project A Penny For Your Thoughts shows us a way to shift the narrative for actual social change

[This essay was originally submitted as an assignment for the course Communication, Culture and Media Analysis of the Master of Communication for Development of Malmö University]

This essay will focus on the international art project A Penny for Your Thoughts. We will start by contextualizing this project within the area of anti-trafficking communication and we will then explore the potential of A Penny for Your Thoughts for social change.

The problem of traditional anti-trafficking campaigns

A picture of a traditional anti-trafficking campaign by the NGO Unchained Love. Notice the rope around her neck and the barcode stamped on her forehead. The model is beautiful and is wearing make-up. We understand this woman had been sold and is trapped somehow, but what exactly we are supposed to take from this in unclear.

Traditional campaigns by anti-trafficking NGOs and projects regarding trafficking for sexual exploitation usually rely on stereotypical images of women-as-victims, as such, people tend to picture sex trafficking victims as women chained…

This article was originally published in Words In The Bucket online magazine, in 2017.

Photo by Mikael Owunna as part of his project Limit(less)

Mikael Owunna is a Swedish-Nigerian photographer undertaking a daring project to increase the visibility of LGBTQ African migrants in Europe and North-America. We talked about his project Limit(less), why it is important and the obstacles facing those who must struggle with being both LGBTQ and African immigrants in Western societies.

Limit(less) aims to use queer African style to debunk the myth that it is “un-African” to be LGBTQ. …

Free entrepreneurs, victims of the patriarchy, sex-positive role models or cautionary tales of sexual exploitation? The meaning and ethics of prostitution are up for debate across the globe. But legalizing the practice will create more problems than it solves.

Paris Red Light District

[This is an old article from 2017, originally published in the Paris Globalist. At the time, I was not working for a women’s rights organization advocating for the Equality Model. You can say it was my in-between position, before I became abolitionist feminist and my stance against legalization was based on very practical examples and it did not really have an…

And I can prove them wrong.

Photo by Laëtitia Buscaylet on Unsplash

When I was a Master student of Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, I had to do a final oral examination defending a certain thesis or position that was somewhat related to a mandatory internship experience in order to get my diploma. We were given a few topics in advance and I chose gender.

I knew the thesis I want to defend had to be interesting and “juicy” — as in, I could actually discuss it and not fill up my oral examination with meaningless platitudes. …

[This article was originally published in Words In The Bucket magazine in 2017. Sahar Speaks has grown since then and produced many female journalists. The founder of Sahar Speaks, Amie Ferris-Rotman, is also a writer on Medium]

Afghanistan has been on the public eye for decades for the worst reasons. Widely considered to be one of the most dangerous countries to be a woman, the threat of the Taliban is now growing again, threatening the already precarious stability of the country. How many of us are familiar with the traditional media image of the Afghan woman, secluded behind the burqa

[This article was originally published in Words in The Bucket online magazine in 2017]

By [protected] from Tehran, IRAN (Iran election Uploaded by mangostar) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

United for Iran is an NGO that aims to defend human rights in Iran by increasing the awareness of civil society and engaging citizens through technology. Their project Safe Activism: Reducing the Risks and Impact of Arrest is an innovative attempt to secure the rights of political prisoners through a guide based on the experiences of former activists who were once arrested. The project manager Mahdieh Javid explained to WIB how they were able to develop this idea and why it matters.

Why a guide?

The unrest created by…

[This article was originally published in Words in the Bucket online magazine. The editor of this article — Virginia Vigliar — is also a writer on Medium]

I will not submit to exhaustion.

I will not become accustomed to sadness.

My heart seeks a window for hope,

Two wings to fly, and a lifetime of freedom.

I want my hours spent awake to be as sweet as my dreams.

A woman shouldn’t have to only dream.

- Sohaila Sediqi

An avid reader, Noorjahan Akbar couldn’t help but notice the number of extremist books targeting youth in Kabul’s libraries. “The books…


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