May an entrepreneur teach others?

In Russia, the concept of info business has a clearly negative connotation: strange videos, lectures and courses, the main purpose of which is to get some cash from users. Often it is actually true. But there is a detail: an info businessman is an entrepreneur. Developing his business, he learns to do landings, attract traffic, analyse the conversion; all that the Internet entrepreneur does too. If the info businessman succeeds in it, then why not learn from him?

If the experience and knowledge of a person are valuable to someone, then he or she has every right to sell it. I know successful entrepreneurs who advise other entrepreneurs. And I think that this is good from the point of view that they share their experience with those who really need it.

I do not consider that only super successful businessmen can share their knowledge. Learning from failures is also a valuable experience.

The motives matter

It is true that it looks very strange when someone has just attracted investments and immediately starts to teach everyone how to get money. This was written by Igor Ryabenky. An entrepreneur who got investments should be totally immersed in his or her project and not get distracted.

But there is one more important question, the question of motives. Why did he start consulting? Maybe he does not have enough money. Maybe his vanity requires more emotional feedback from others. Maybe in the process of consulting other people, he finds answers to his questions. And maybe these consultations are a way of developing his own business. I don’t know. In each specific situation it is necessary to understand why a person does these or that things.

As for defocusing, here I am, a person who hardly can dedicate all his time to only one company. I develop the MetaBeta accelerator, and this business is based on my work in many companies. If you think that doing different projects simultaneously is bad and will not lead to success, remember Elon Musk.

Sometimes I invite the founders of the MetaBeta’s portfolio companies as speakers at the events. There are very specific competences, where some entrepreneurs are professionals. And it’s good that they can share it with anyone else.

To pay or not to pay?

I often take advice from entrepreneurs. When I need to make a decision on a project and immerse in the sector, I’m looking for external experts. When choosing, I only rely on their experience, positive or negative, developing their project or participating in others.

You buy advice based on a person’s experience. If it seems to you that his decisions led to results, and mistakes taught him something, then his time is worth the money.

Naturally, sometimes I seek advice for free. But you only get a serious approach to something when you pay for it. If you are good in something, do not be shy to take money for that.