One thing we have all learned from the past few months is that the future is very hard to predict. This is a problem for those of us whose job is seeking to mitigate and prepare for the increasingly uncertain future that climate change will bring. Writing in July 2020 even the very near-term future feels impossible to predict: when will I be able to give my parents a hug? When will my child be able to play normally again? Will there be a ‘second wave’?

In the innovation team at Friends of the Earth we have spent some time exploring possible future scenarios, to help direct our work as an organisation in the context of wider societal change. We are indebted to the Long Crisis Network for the Local Trust for help in developing our thinking. At the same time we have been trying to heed Anab Jain’s warnings about the temptation to “package futures into neat solutions” and to find ways to sit “with the discomfort of uncertainty.” …


Friends of the Earth Innovation team

We build on Friends of the Earth's heritage in creating demonstrations and pilots to show what change is possible.

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