Disruptive Live Launches New Internet of Things Series “The IOT Show” Sponsored by Siemens MindSphere

“The IoT Show” will air once monthly on Disruptive Live from Thursday 12th April 2018, 12:30pm BST live from Disruptive studios in Southbank, London.

“The IoT Show” is described as a regular discussion show about the trends, advances and business applications of Internet of Things and related technology including for the industrial sector (IIoT) and smart cities. Other topics will include Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality tech, IoT platforms, artificial intelligence and automation.

The IoT Show

The first episode will include senior figures from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Siemens MindSphere. The series host, Taxal’s principal analyst and industry veteran Allan Behrens, will guide guests through the range of topics and discussions.

Disruptive have also formed a media partnership with The Manufacturer magazine to promote the series.

“We’re running a number of technology series on our channels, and people keep asking us about doing an IoT show.” said Andrew McLean, co-managing director at Disruptive Live. “There’s a lot of buzz around this both in the business and consumer space and we have a lot of experts who want to set the facts straight and show what this tech can really do.”

Visit disruptive.live/iotshow for more information

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