A simple solution to email privacy

  1. Get a password manager
1Password makes nice word-based passwords

2. Use the password manager to copy a unique username for a service you are signing up for.

I don’t endorse any specific anonymous email service

3. Use the unique username and an anonymous email service to create a unique account. If it requires a password, generate one from your password manager.

4. If needed, go to your anonymous email and confirm the account.

5. Make sure to save your unique email in your password manager! Now you have a unique email, unique password, and no “transactional” spam. It isn’t government proof, but it does make it harder for marketing intel to be gathered on you and makes it that much harder for identity thieves to follow you around.

And that’s it! Please edit, modify or destroy this post. Since Medium doesn’t use passwords, you have all the tools needed to take over this account.