How to Pick The Right Distance Learning MBA in India

How to pick the right distance MBA program for yourself?

Picking up the right distance learning MBA in India is tricky. It becomes even more difficult with so many options available in the market. Almost all popular Universities in India offering distance education courses but the question is, are those courses valid? Are all of them equally good?

India is a big country and there are more than 100 universities that offer a distance learning program. An MBA program is the most popular course that is being offered by these Universities.

Here are the things you must consider while picking up a Distance Learning MBA program.

Check if The University has an Approval to Offer Distance MBA

In India, UGB-DEB regulates the distance education. All Universities has to take an approval in advance to offer distance education courses in India. If you’re planning to take admission in distance education MBA program, you must check that the University you’re considering to pursue your degree has an approval from UGC-DEB.

Minimum & Maximum Duration To Complete The Program

As we know that an MBA program is a 2 years degree program but this is not true in case of distance learning MBA.

In some universities, you can complete the program in minimum 2.5 years.

Why you waste another year when you can complete the course in 2 years with other universities. Always check the minimum & maximum duration to complete the program.

Check if the University if allowed to offer courses in your state

As per the recent UGC guidelines, only universities that are based in the state can only offer distance education in that state. Any university that is located outside of the state cannot offer a degree program in that state. That means a University located in Maharashtra can only offer a distance MBA program in Mumbai.

Is there any Admission test required?

Some universities take admission test before they offer you an admission to their distance learning MBA program.

If you want to take an admission in the university where admission test is a must, you should start preparing for it in advance.

Check if They Offer any Placement Assistance

Some universities offer placement assistance after you complete you degree with them. It is always better to join a university that has a placement assistance program.

Check How do they conduct classes and examinations

It is recommended that you must confirm the class & examination process with the university before hand. Some universities offer online classes and online examination facility but this is not the case with every university.

You may need to attend PCP classes and has to write offline exams.

Here are the things you must check before you take admission in a distance learning MBA program in India.