What Tumblr is to the hipster, Medium is to the Entrepreneur

Anyone who has ever logged on to the old school, cool, hipster app Tumblr, knows that when they tap the plus sign or look up at the the suggested tools you can use to add objects to your post on medium that both of these apps have a similar interface. That common ground is blogging with close to no limitations. So the question is what makes these apps different, do i need both?

It is very clear the difference when you log into the two interfaces. When you log into Tumblr, you will quickly Notice the amount of meme posts, fashion posts, and teenage selfies. It is very easy to get lost in the noise of personal social connections. Meanwhile, when you log into to Medium, there are a ton positive inspirational posts, business assistance, and things to digest to help you. the audiences, age market, and content are very different.

So, when you ask yourself which apps do i need, well you must first understand your market and goals. You can be competitive on both apps if you know how to travel through the current of the sea of noise in applications to get to and control your market and build relationships based on your market, as well as delivering the proper content that will richly attract your age market.

hope you enjoyed, “Distinguish yourself from the rest.”