Stay-At-Home-Mom Disagrees with School Closing


BLUE BERRY HILL, MN — Jillian Idriss, 42, has taken to her mom-blog to express her anger with the recent school closings. Temperatures have dipped below zero degrees and have registered close to 40 below factoring in Wind Chill, thus leading to the cancellation of schools this week. Jillian, in her strongly worded blog post, mentioned numerous reasons for her disagreement with the closing; schools never closed when she was a kid, education is more important, and it’s impossible to watch her soap operas when the kids are home.

“How am I suppose to do laundry and watch the kids today? I guess my husband’s tax dollars were wasted yet again this year,”

said Mrs. Idriss as she swirled a glass of wine.

The Superintendent has yet to announce when the school will reopen, but it is clear that stay-at-home-moms will be the happiest of them all when the good news finally arrives.

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Originally published at Distorial.

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