Last week I spoke about an idea which I think can potentially create a new way of working with personal data while opening up new frontiers for personalisation and data privacy. This week I would like to explore the benefits of the approach in an Insurance context.

The idea is simple

  • A User stores data within a personal datastore which is not accessible to anyone but the user — Let us call this the Data Wallet.
  • Using a Serverless technology the User may allow 3rd party data processors to process and analyse the data within the user’s ‘Private Application Context’…

Over 12 years ago I walked into a sunny 3x4 room with 7 assembled Java Server engineers at SurfKitchen and said to them — Guys, I would like you to build this portal on a device, with this we can create an app download store so people can find, buy, install and use apps on mobile devices with a single click.

Architecture overview — SurfKit. Some of the technologies we built are only now being exploited ( our ideas went beyond the App Store, and these will still radically change the mobile world — more on that later).

The rest belongs to the garbage bin of technology history, because neither we nor our equally visionary competitors such as Trigenix, ActionEngine or ActiveSky will be remembered for pioneering one of the most compelling consumer technologies of today —…

Powerful ideas should never be wasted — especially if you plan to do little with them.

Serverless is among one of the technologies I have been systematically exploring over the past weeks. Last week I built something which if further explored (by someone else) could yield some powerful use cases, if not lead to a completely new software vertical and ‘invert the power pyramid of personal data’.

Bear with me while I explain the technology combination. The problem I set out to solve was simple — I wanted to analyse a set of sites which unfortunately did not offer an…

This is a short note on how to invoke an AWS Lambda function through the AWS API Gateway using VanillaJS.

I spent an entire day having to figure out an issue which I am sure many developers could be facing but there is little direct information on how to solve.

The problem : Neither the AWS JS Cli nor a VanillaJS XHR was able to access a AWS API Gateway call that was routed to invoke a Lambda Function. This despite the CORS Enabling being switched on in the AWS Gateway console. …

Amazon Lambda for Drummers

Carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders and tendinitis are a big downside to being a programmer and drummer. Coming out of years of injury I finally set about improving my skills from the foundation up. And the best education can be found on YouTube.

To inspire myself and learn by watching great drummers I built a concierge which retrieves videos for my viewing pleasure — an automated curator if you may call it. To make that even more interesting for myself I decided to use the project to explore Serverless technologies.

The result ( with warts and…

Just before heading on my vacation I asked my friends on FB to suggest me a few books to read. Within an hour I had a list together with a majority of suggestions being business books. Only a few were ones I would actually read on vacation. Why?

Over the past years I have developed a pattern for vacation reading and activity which preps me for the time thereafter- called the Breaking the WAL technique.

At DISTRIBOOTED we intend to be a game changer for the way many product start-ups build products, go-to-market and monetise their efforts.

On 12/12–2016 DISTRIBOOTED : The App Store for The Cloud moved into Beta. We have a long way to go before we realise our complete vision — but there is one aspect of it that we can start talking about now.

DISTRIBOOTED enables 1-click deployment of over 70 Apps across 5 major Cloud Providers (further 20–25 Providers coming in a few weeks). …

Do a search for “Uber is just a taxi company” or variations thereof and you will see how successfully Uber has managed to avoid being called a Taxi Company.

Google’s first result is an answer in Quora from a Uber Employee that says “Uber is a company that provides a technological platform to request on-demand near real time services from a smartphone.” — probably accurate but pretty boring.

Granted that today’s Uber has a vision way beyond where it started — but by NOT looking at Uber as a taxi company we miss an important piece of insight into the…

Aleksandar Nenov Inaugurates DISTRIBOOTED

On 10/10 at 10:10 Aleksandar Nenov, CEO of CLOUDWEBOPS OÜ and one of 35 global AWS Community Heroes launched the first instance deployed by DISTRIBOOTED into Amazon’s AWS Cloud.

DISTRIBOOTED combines a Cloud App Store with an Application and Cloud Management Platform which aims to provide a single-pane-of-glass for Deployment, Configuration, Management and Monitoring of Server Applications across multiple Cloud Providers.

“Aleksandar’s indefatigable energy in evangelising DevOps culture and Amazon’s AWS Cloud is simply contagious. He has been critical to inspiring a lot of engineers in Serbia and SEE to innovating in the DevOps space. It…


The App Store for The #Cloud. - The Creators of Cloud Marketplaces for the Governments — #GovTech #OpenGovernment #Transparency

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