What is Distributed Blocks

All over the world companies of various sizes are trying to profit from the current hype over blockchain and cryptocurrencies by raising funds through an ICO. While companies see massive benefits in the possibility of raising capital without diluting the existing ownership structure, especially companies that are new to the blockchain and ICO sector are often faced with a market that lacks transparency, firm legal frameworks, and reliable delivery structures. Few services on the market guide company through every stage of an ICO fundraising campaign, from the design and mining of the tokens to marketing, technological support, further blockchain development, and the management of payments.

Existing businesses and start-ups alike are moving from speculative hype to building real, supply and demand driven token economies that will build the next generation of online businesses. This new wave of distributed, decentralised, disruptive applications requires a new level of blockchain platform and a new delivery model.

Distributed Blocks opens the world of blockchain and ICOs to any type of business. It combines the highly scalable and efficient Fiber blockchain technology with a comprehensive delivery structure to allow any business to rapidly and confidently deploy their own cryptocurrency with all of the support and customer processes needed for an end-to-end application.

Distributed Blocks gives businesses access to a comprehensive technology and service package. It enables low-cost coin creation and distribution because the Fiber blockchain has no mining requirement or transaction fees. Customers receive access to a dashboard with which they will be able to manage other tools contained in the service package, including:

• Business logic definition within the platform (similar to Ethereum smart-contracts) that enables distributed applications and trustless execution

• Secure desktop and web-based wallets

• Exchange interfaces and support

• OTC tools for coin sales and distribution

• Coin launch support, with future plans of DIST trading platform

• Secure, web-based account and platform administration and management

• Data vault and storage (centralised or distributed)

• User on-boarding and management tools including KYC, AML, etc

• Customer management tools

• Technical support and issues resolution processes

With the help of the Fiber blockchain and its experienced team, Distributed Blocks provides businesses with unique access to blockchain applications and ICO financing.

For more info visit https://distributedblocks.com.