April’s Full Moon brings positive insights

“Moon on the water” 2007–2010

It’s felt like the first few months have flown by rapidly but since the new moon this April 11th, its time to slow it down. The Full Moon in Libra conjoins Jupiter for the first and last time this year. Jupiter is the Planet that expands everything he touches and brings joy, optimism and often good fortune. Both the Moon and Jupiter are in the sign of Venus, she rules love, fairness, and peace. Venus also rules finance, and creativity. Opportunities to improve these areas of your life can suddenly present themselves marking a time of outstanding good fortune So if you had plans in March this would be a great time to finish them. Beware and take heed, these opportunities must not be taken lightly otherwise they will slip through your fingers like sand in the desert. Play it slow and take a breathe. This is a time to reflect our goals and dreams. To plan better and react faster. The full moon brings us positive aspects and unwavering determination to move forward and to let go of the past. Whatever our current dilemma is the full moon gives us the gift of hope and optimism. In other words- Don’t push your luck too far or overthink too much otherwise it wont end too well. Be calm, be polite, and think with your mind. This is a time to reflect and gain insist to who you are and what exactly you need in this universe. Start putting your dreams and goals into actions. Mays full moon wont be until the 10th next month.

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