Hey all! A frequent question is when DISTX will allow staking of the DISTX token. It’s something we wanted to add for quite some time, however, the DISTX token itself is not mintable. This means that we would have to find an alternate way to reward stakers, so we found another way!

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DISTX Staking Rewards

On the DISTX platform, we currently collect 2% of the ETH raised by a team during a sale. 1% of this is used to buy and burn from Uniswap, that isn’t changing and will never change.

The other 1% is a fee to pay for automated gas. Since that gas comes out of a DISTX contract, we needed a way to be refunded for that gas in a scalable method. Due to some massive improvements in our contract functionality, it’s unlikely we would ever need the full 1%. …



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