DistX Partners with CoinStats

Things continue to happen for us behind the scenes as we work hard to target partnerships that make complete sense and add value to our platform.

I personally reached out to CoinStats last week after seeing a need for successful token sale holders on the DistX platform to be listed on coin checker websites. I looked into a few options and after dealing with CoinStats recently for the DistX listing, had a very positive experience. Their team is friendly, helpful and dedicated and their product is beautiful.

CoinStats already have a lot of users and are growing quickly. They offer far more than just price checking, including a portfolio tracker. One feature in particular that will be great for DistX token sale holders is the “widgets”. We will be recommending all successful teams use CoinStats to embed information of their token, on their websites.

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CoinStats will also be referring users to DistX and linking to us where possible. Importantly, they will add value to token sales running through DistX which is great for us in the long term.

Visit CoinStats

We look forward to growing and expanding, and we will continue to partner with more high quality products and services with the sole intention of making DistX the new standard for decentralised token sales. We’ll be naming more partners in the coming days so stay tuned!

Daniel & Adrian
Web: distx.io
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Telegram: t.me/distxio

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