DistX Partners with Crypto World News

DistX are excited to announce that we have partnered with one of the largest crypto and ICO related Telegram groups, Crypto World News.

With over 1 million subscribers across their 2 main Telegram groups Crypto World News and Crypto World ICOs, they receive a huge number of views and couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to cross promotion with DistX.

DistX will benefit from access to many upcoming token sales (with the intention of bringing them to the DistX platform) as well as the huge exposure from mentions in posts in the 2 mentioned groups. Each post currently receives 200–300k views, often even more.

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We are also able to help Crypto World News by encouraging our token sales to consider promotion in those groups. Once again, we have a situation where mutual services benefit everyone, in a very casual and low risk arrangement.

We look forward to working with the team at CWN and raising awareness for the latest and greatest token sales. CWN and DistX both value quality and are focused on cleaning up the space and providing a reliable and safe environment to participate.

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Just over 3 weeks until DistX launches, and whilst it’s not likely that a token sale happens on day one (teams want some time to countdown and build hype) we have already received a commitment from multiple teams to host their token sales asap, with interest from several others already. Over the coming weeks, bringing token sales to the platform is a heavy focus for us. Don’t miss out — DistX is going to be HUGE!

Daniel & Adrian
Web: distx.io
Telegram: t.me/distxio
Twitter: twitter.com/distxio

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