DistX Partners with Foresight

We are pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with yet another trusted service in crypto — Foresight.

Foresight is an insurance solution designed for everyday cryptocurrency investors. By combining the reliability of smart contracts with the collective intelligence of a DAO, Foresight protects users from financial losses they may unwillingly suffer due to exit scams and other fraudulent cryptocurrency events.

Simply put — Foresight offer insurance against crypto scams. Foresight will also be assisting DistX during our team KYC process. Projects launching a token sale on DistX would have the option of being vetted by Foresight beforehand, which would mean participants in the token sale would have the option of taking out insurance against rug pulls and other scams, on that token. DistX users may also be eligible for a discount on their insurance premiums, for projects running through DistX.

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Foresight are early in their development and have a while to go before being completely operational, but as soon as they are, we’ll be working together to integrate our services. This is just another way we look to introduce safety into the token sale process, and look after our community.

“The Foresight team are excited to partner with DistX. Ensuring that the funds of DistX users are protected during a token sale is of utmost importance. Utilising Foresight’s platform will make DistX one of the only token sale platforms in existence to offer an insurance service alongside a token sale. Once our platform goes live, we look forward to providing DistX users a discount on our insurance premiums. We also have plans to utilise the DistX platform for our own token sale in the near future.” — Felix, Foresight CEO

Check out Foresight on Telegram at t.me/foresightcrypto

We look forward to working together with another trusted partner, to continue to expand our service and cover every aspect of token sale participation.

Daniel & Adrian
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