How did I manage to budget $39.51 for 7 months of Internet in SC?

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A) Is it South Carolina an incentivized state for fiber internet? No.
B) Managed to get through a lower income federal program? No.
Have I cut my speed? Absolutely not.

Let me give you some context before we jump into the business. Recently not so recently AT&T sadly and wrongly (my opinion) almost doubled their broadband prices (at least in my county) and reduced megabits.

Starting from $35/month (plus taxes) for 500 Mbps to $55/month (plus taxes) for 300 Mbps (Yes, already considering enrollment in autopay). Read again.

No, you are not crazy and I’m not blind. Basically, their pricing guy/gal suggested and got approved to mark-up 100% expense and deliver 50% less. Great biz. Not so great for customers.

With that in mind, I’ve refused to sign up on this b*** for a couple of months since I’ve got free Wi-Fi on my building (common area) and unlimited data on my phone. However, as they intelligently know, internet is inevitable and, to be honest, nowadays it is like energy and water, incredibly hard to live without it.

I gave up. Had to let they steal ($55 bucks for 300Mpbs it is a joke). Wife had to work from home, had to watch some Netflix and I’ve also got tired of going downstairs to use Wi-Fi on laptop.

But that wasn't the end. I would not just give up and go full price, I had to dig.

  1. Found a $200 promo for on-line sign-up.
  2. Knowing how these companies work, put the plan on my shop cart and went away. Their cookie did the job and pop-up a $100 incentive coupon for “acting now” while I purposely waited to checkout.
  3. Not happy enough, tried Rakuten, Honey and RetailMeNot, but while I got to what I thought was a dead end, found a $50 seasonal coupon on these weird get coupon websites.

So, the math is simple. Even though it is not a discount on the monthly payment, still cash (reward card) and cash work anywhere.

Monthly payment: $55 + taxes
Period: 7 months
= $385

Reward cards: $350

$385 – $350 = $35 (rounding up not precisely considering taxes)

On the practical side, you could try all these 3 strategies like myself but by the time you are reading that might not be 100% replicable, however it could be more and/or you could go deeper and apply extra ones such as:

A) Before asking for a transference on your line, consider spending 5 minutes looking for coupons on new sign-ups and open up a new account.

B) Consider shopping around and negotiate with different providers (usually a 15-minute call with each local provider such as T-Mobile, Optimum, Spectrum will save you some cash for the next 12 months) easy ROI

For any given situation, if it is not only internet you have, bundling tv, phone bill and internet might be also an alternative to lower your cost on those utilities.

@Ditchless is a personal blog created from an average customer to the average customer that is tired of expending more than it should on daily stuff and that is also sharp to find non brainer deals. #I do the dig and you get the gold.
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