How I got an internship at Microsoft — interview process and learnings


Through these interviews, I have learned SO much about me both personally and as a designer. I am much more comfortable and confident in presenting my work and talking about myself.

Interview Process

First Email

Phone Interview


Interview Prep Call?


From the Interview prep call I learnt that we had freedom to create the presentation however we seemed fit. We could spend the time presenting 3–5 projects or just a single project. There was nothing fixed for the individual interviews as well. They could be anything from just a conversation to design challenges.

My presentation would not have been as successful if I hadn’t asked for feedback from my peers.

Flying to Seattle

Don’t get to see much sun in Rochester! :D

Building 111

Portfolio Presentation

  1. UX and Visual Design
  2. User research
  3. Prototyping and animation
  4. Team work
  5. Project management
  6. Design across platforms (website, responsive, app)

Waiting and also lunch

I always try to learn about the interviewers career and experiences. I asked each of the interviewer about their career path, a piece of advice they would give their younger self and their most and least favorite part about working at Microsoft.

1st Interview

The first interview was all about understanding what kind of designer I am? — on what basis do I chose to do user research? When do I think a design is done? What is my approach to team projects and the challenges that come with it? What is important to me as a designer?

2nd Interview

3rd Interview & 4th Interview

End of the day

It is important to let your recruiter know if you have any upcoming offer deadlines, so they can do their best to expedite the decision process.

After the Interviews

I did it!

What can you do?

Communication and presentation skills

What makes you unique?

Preparation goes a long way

Practice Behavioral Interview questions

Ask thoughtful questions!



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