Hi, How you doing?

yes it is weird, i dont usually share my stories on the internet, its kinda lame. But hell im gonna post it because nobody will read this anyway. So, there is beautiful girl, for me she is more than beautiful. but Its not in the way she look or the way she talk, because we barely talk anyway. Yes, im falling in love with her, thousand times. we often hangout together but we barely speak to each other, sometimes we do but its only “How u doin?” and thats the only thing i could say when we were met. Funny how things change, 2 years i’ve been stuck on this process. like, why the hell god make us met very often and he gave me some undefined feeling for you but he doesnt gave me any single guts to approach you. living past years like this is what makes me uncomfortable, live on same circle with you its like gift to me but at the same time, it make things worst. do you Remeber when we just hangout with our full squad? in think you’re not. But i do remember that night, its like something i cant forget. I drive you to your house, eventhough its not only two of us in that car, but man i gotta say i’m really happy. You sat next to me, listening to car radio that played the same song we like and we (kinda) sang together.

yesterday, it felt like i was struck by chunk of wood right on my chest. That message, you said that you have someone by yourside. yes it hurt. 2 years trying to get close to you and everything shattered like caramel candy that fall to the floor. Today you post a snap to your story, and to be honest you look beautiful as always but there is something went missing. Im not sure what is that, but your eyes seems like it have lost something. i know we dont usually talk, but i really want to ask you.

are you okay?
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