Build power through relationships.

The best employees and volunteers aren’t necessarily the ones who are most gung-ho, but the ones who are mostly tightly wound into the social fabric of your organization.

Focusing time and energy

Pursue a clear goal, but be willing to pivot.

Building a company is like climbing a mountain. You have to decide which peak to climb and work your way toward it. As with climbing a mountain, it’s hard to see anything ahead of you. Are you about to fall off a cliff, or are you just going over a small bump?


Don’t micro-optimize yourself into oblivion.

With the proliferation of tracking tools and a/b testing, there is an extraordinary amount of data available to startup founders. Yet if you overreact to immediate feedback, you’ll micro-optimize yourself into oblivion.


Chase Dittmer is a highly-regarded executive in the marketing industry and has developed and managed numerous creative marketing campaigns with an emphasis on communication, public relations, brand architecture, design and social media. Chase Dittmer’s passions include: social entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and marketing. Talk to chase, here.

Originally shared on CBD Digital’s entrepreneurship hub.

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