I’m Sarah Nyberg, and I Was a Teenage Edgelord.
Sarah Nyberg

I just read your story here, because of a French feminist (@Mar_Lard) standing for you on Twitter. And a few other articles, on both sides, to get an insight about that affair. Whatever the truth is, I’m standing with you too. What I mean is, the majority of all the evidence is faked, the remaining things are taken out of context (like those 4chan comments). All of their accusations are based on fake, faked, or not verifiable facts and stuff.

Moreover, harrassment is a crime, and these people don’t realize it. They are pretty much doing the exact same stuff they are accusing you of. In French, we have an expression that says : “It’s the first singing chicken that made the egg”, which means that when you’re busting against something, it is usually your own shit.

I am no one, just another French guy roaming sometimes on the internet, having fun with friends, trolls, and memes. That’s why I got interest in your story. And I am beginning to hope that your story will have the same kind of attention as with the “Julien Blanc affair”, another sexist guy who was taken down by the very same online community we are part of. But for your support, instead of having you down.

TL; DR : #GamerGaters are bullshit. I stand for you because they deserve it.