Republicans “Mellow” in Trump’s Absence

Using my new AnalyzeThis app, I analyzed the full text of the candidates’ comments during last night’s Republican Debate. The app looks for emotional keywords in six categories: Wellbeing, Anger, Spirituality, Money, Anxiety and Mortality. It computes a 1-to-10 score for each category based on the ratios of those words in the text to ratios found in a large database of sampled text. It also offers a word cloud that shows the keywords and highlights those that appeared most frequently.

Here’s a summary of the scores for each candidate in each category, as well as an overall score for “All” candidates. (Comments of the moderators were removed.)

With Donald Trump elsewhere, the other Republican candidates showed slightly higher Wellbeing and Spirituality scores and spoke less about Money. Here are some of the word clouds from last night:

Shown below for easy comparison are the word clouds for the same categories from the last Republican debate two weeks ago. Note that “taxes” seems to have taken a back seat to “bills” as a Money issue, while “ISIS” and “Ted” have emerged in the Anger category.

These charts show the scores for the Republican candidates as a whole and as individuals in each debate. Note how some candidates are quite consistent from one debate to the next, while others — notably Christie and Carson — are all over the place.

Finally, here’s how the Republican candidates as a whole stack up against the Democrats from their last debate. Miracle of miracles, the Democrats’ words evidence greater Wellbeing and less Anger and Anxiety.

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.